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Removing Parts from Your MarkOne Print Bed

Removing parts from your MarkOne print bed can often be more challenging than getting them to stick. While the latter is aided by a liberal application of Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Glue, the former is made easier by the right tool.

The scraper supplied with your Mark One will suffice for many parts. The 6" scraper supplied is also the safest possible option.

If you still find yourself struggling to remove a print from the bed you may want to consider one of the tools described below.

The Titan 12031 Mini Razor Scraper

The Titan 12031 Mini Razor Scraper can be had for around $6. At just over 4” in length this razor blade holder with safety cap is perfect for smaller parts and can be used in conjunction with the scraper for larger parts.

I find it is best to lift the edges of a part from all sides before attempting full separation. With the edges lifted it is easy to slide the scraper under the mini razor for additional leverage.

Batoning Chisel from Chestnut Tools

Twenty dollars will get you my favorite implement, a 1” wide by 6” long batoning chisel from Chestnut Tools. A quality woodworking chisel would work equally well but I find the batoning edge (the longer one) useful for removing brims and cleaning up finished parts. Furnished with a well designed scabbard this tool has a low profile handle which establishes an ideal attack angle for the blade when slid along the print bed.

Veritas Flush Plane

If you spend a lot of time printing larger parts that appear to be fused to the print bed then a Veritas Flush Plane may be worth the $40 investment. This tool has a 2” wide A2 stainless steel blade that will get under any part and provide a ton of leverage to pry it off. The blade can be reversed in the ergonomically shaped body for safe transportation and storage.

Whether you use the supplied scraper, a mini razor, a batoning chisel or a flush pane it is essential that you always direct these tools away from your body when in use. Any one of them will remove a digit as easily as a part from the print bed.

I find it easiest to stand the print bed on the floor along one of its short edges while working the tool away from my body towards the floor. Needles to say you should position your feet such that any toes you may be fond of are well out of harms way.

Using the right tool for the job and the proper technique can turn the sometimes challenging task of removing a part from the print bed into a satisfying and safe experience.

Always point these tools away from your body.

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