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Introducing Markforged Additive Manufacturing University

Additive manufacturing represents a massive shift in the way things are made. Each new innovation accelerates the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the companies that survive will do so by embracing new technologies and changing the way they make products and do business. With any new technology, the biggest challenge to overcome is the skill gap.

Even with so many operational benefits to adopting additive manufacturing — faster time to market, increased profitability, improved efficiency — companies are still struggling to scale their use of the technology due to limited in-house expertise on topics such as Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM), the ability to identify best-fit parts and projects for additive, and how to build a business case and measure the results of their efforts.

That’s why we’re introducing Markforged Additive Manufacturing University – a customer training and certification program and free online learning library built to accelerate additive manufacturing adoption in businesses of any size. We’re educating designers, engineers and manufacturers, and equipping them with the tools they need to build amazing things.

You can sign up to become a Markforged Certified Additive Expert in composite printing, metal printing, or both. There are two levels of advancement for both composites and metal. The Additive Expert Certification – Level 1 program covers an introduction to additive with Markforged, identifying applications and designing and optimizing parts for Markforged printing processes. The Level 2 program covers printer troubleshooting, post-processing techniques for enhancing parts, designing from the ground up for additive manufacturing, and production planning with additive manufacturing. Students have the option to include the “Business of Additive” elective, which covers quantifying business opportunities with additive manufacturing, additive change management, and sustainable implementation of additive technology.

You will receive a certificate stating that you have completed the course, giving you the opportunity to share your achievement with other people in your business and professional network. Currently, Markforged Additive Manufacturing University courses are intended for customers with access to a Markforged printer.

There are three ways to get involved with Markforged Additive Manufacturing University:

  1. Markforged Additive Manufacturing University at our headquarters

Single or multi-day workshops delivered at Markforged headquarters in Boston. Various courses are offered throughout the calendar year, giving you an opportunity to earn any or all Markforged certifications at your own pace.

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  1. Markforged Additive Manufacturing University at your facility

Customer Certification at your facility is ideal for training a larger team and will be delivered with content tailored to your needs where and when possible.

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  1. Learning Library

The Learning Library gives you free access to resources that will build foundational knowledge of the 3D printing industry and provide best practices for 3D printing applications. Topics range from 3D printing basics all the way to designing for 3D printing.

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