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Introducing AM Fridays and Additive Podcast

We’re always looking for new ways to impart information about additive manufacturing and its impact on the how parts are made. So, we're pleased to announce the addition of two new ways to learn more about additive manufacturing: AM Fridays and the Additive Podcast.

AM Fridays gives you the chance to learn about 3D printing trends, event recaps, and everything associated with Markforged technology. Our episodes also aim to tackle all your hard questions, some of which will be answered live.

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Our first episode covered 2019 3D printing trends, presented by Lead Content Engineer Daniel Leong and Content Engineer Nick Martin. The two discussed low-end printers versus high-end printers, binder jetting technology, and how resins are going to develop over the next few years with the introduction of high-strength materials.

You can watch the first episode here:

The next episode will be live-streamed on YouTube, where we will be discussing how 3D printing — specifically metal — fits into the cost curve of manufacturing.

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The Additive Podcast covers everything to do with additive manufacturing. From 3D printed coral for the Great Barrier Reef and 3D printed organs to robots and drones. We hope to help inform people of just how far additive manufacturing is spreading, and how it doesn’t just apply to manufacturing. We’ll also be bringing on some of our customers to discuss how choosing to go down the additive route has opened up more possibilities for them. Stay tuned to hear the first episode on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts in the next month.

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