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Learn the basics of composites and how you can 3D print them with continuous-strand fibers laid down into matrix materials.

Note: These sections assume a basic knowledge of 3D printing, including how layer by layer printing works. If you’re just starting, check out our section on how 3D printing works to learn the basics!

What makes a composite part so much stronger than a plastic one?

In this track, we demonstrate how printing with composites fulfills a crucial need in applications requiring lightweight parts with repeatable strength. Learn the differences between chopped and continuous carbon fiber, as well as the unique advantages of Kevlar™ and fiberglass. After reading these articles, you will have context for how composites are built strand by fiber-strand, which combination of plastic and fiber should be used when, and where composite parts can be used alongside traditional manufacturing methods to reduce machine downtime, decrease tool costs, and increase factory throughput.