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Announcing Projects in Eiger

The Mark Two - in addition to the Mark One - comes with access to our online printing software, Eiger is an all-in-one software solution for 3D printing, including browser-based* slicing with automatic fiber routing and a layer editor for more fine-grained fiber control. It also includes advanced printer management features such as one-click print from the browser and a print queue.

When you log in to Eiger, your home page is a parts library that shows all parts you've previously saved including the previous specifications of the last print (such as how much carbon fiber, Kevlar®, or fiberglass was used per layer). It's one of our most loved features since it saves users the hassle of re-importing their STL file every time they just want to modify a part's settings and reprint it. However, in recent weeks, users have been saving more parts than we anticipated, thereby cluttering their library pages.

Today we're tackling the library organization challenge with the release of Projects. When our users refresh their Eiger tabs today, they'll see a new 'New Project' button at the top of their library page. Clicking this button creates a project, a library item with a bright blue border.

Users can then add parts to their projects with a searchable part selector, or by simply dragging and dropping on the library page.

The release of projects gives our users greater control over their library pages and allows them to group their parts as they see fit. During in-house testing of projects we found significantly reduced levels of scroll-fatigue related stress and duplicate part import syndrome amongst our engineering team. We are confident this feature will help our users in similar ways as they find the parts they want to print more quickly and easily.

Though we're excited about the release of projects, it only scratches the surface of what we want to do with Eiger to help MarkForged industrial strength 3D printing customers print strong parts quickly. Stay tuned for more software update announcements as they roll in!

- Ben Sklaroff, Senior Software Engineer

*There is a local storage option with our Professional and Enterprise Bundles

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