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Webinar: Printing Strong 3D Printed Parts with Eiger

Update: If you missed our Eiger Webinar on the 5th, fear not! You can watch the webinar recording in full here.

Original Post: We are kicking off a webinar series next week and we’d like you to join us.

The first webinar will be focused on our software, Eiger. We hear from customers all the time how much they love Eiger. We’d like to show you why our customers love it so much.

Thursday May 5, 11am EDT. Sign Up!

At Markforged we manufacture revolutionary 3D printers that print with the strength of aluminum. The Mark Two – an industrial strength 3D printer – makes strong 3D printed parts by reinforcing the parts with continuous composite fiber, achieving unparalleled strength, stiffness and durability in its 3D printed parts. The foundation of every Markforged part is nylon. That nylon is then reinforced with material no other 3D printer can produce, like Carbon Fiber, High-Strength High-Temperature Fiberglass, Fiberglass, and Kevlar.

None of these game changing 3D printing capabilities could be possible without our powerful software called Eiger. Named after the Eiger mountain located in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland, this software is the lifeblood of the Markforged 3D printing technology. Every Markforged printer comes with Eiger – Markforged’s browser based 3D printing software. Eiger runs on any computer and is incredibly easy to use. It is the Eiger software that makes composite fiber reinforcement possible on the Mark Two.

How simple is Eiger to use? Very simple! With a feature rich tool set, you have complete control over features such as

  • The parts library (STL)
  • Creating convenient project folders
  • Fiber Material type
  • Fiber Fill Type (Concentric Fiber or Isotropic fiber)
  • Selecting which layers to add fiber to
  • Nylon Fill Pattern
  • Nylon Fill Density
  • Number of Nylon Wall Layers
  • 2D Mode and 3D Mode views
  • A convenient layer bar

…just to name a few. After you make your selections, simply select the Save button and Eiger will slice your part into its individual layers, create both the Nylon and Fiber nozzle paths, and save your part. Select the Print button and you can print your strong 3D printed parts (sequentially or in parallel) via WiFi or Ethernet. Or, transfer the part file (mfp) to the Mark Two’s internal memory or a USB thumb drive (which can be inserted into the USB port located on the back of the printer) and print from these convenient storage locations.

Below shows a Manual Brake Lever STL imported into Eiger:

Layout your part in our 3D printer slicer and reinforce it for metal strength.

Below shows the brake lever with Carbon Fiber (represented by blue) as seen in Eiger’s 3D Internal View Mode:

Use internal view in Eiger to select reinforced layers.

Below shows layer 57 of the brake lever as seen in Eiger’s 2D Internal View Mode:

You have control over individual layer reinforcement in Eiger

Add multiple fiber reinforced brake levers to the build plate and print!

After your parts are sliced, set up a build with multiple parts.
Once your build is set up, you're ready to print!

We’ll show you all these great features and more, so please join us: Thursday May 5, 11am EDT.


If you want to check out Eiger yourself before the webinar, sign up for a trial today!

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