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Markforged Announces Strategic Investment Agreement with In-Q-Tel to Advance 3D Printing for the U.S. Intelligence Community

WATERTOWN, Mass.-February 18, 2020-Markforged, the leading provider of metal and carbon fiber 3D printers, today announced a strategic investment agreement with In-Q-Tel, Inc. (IQT), the not-for-profit strategic investor that identifies and accelerates the development and delivery of cutting-edge technologies to support the mission of the U.S. government agencies that keep our nation safe.

Markforged is transforming how things are made. With tens of thousands of users around the globe, Markforged 3D printers are used in manufacturing everything from automobiles to aircraft engines. The company has the first metal printer with the entire range of metals - from high-conductivity copper to industrial tool steel to superalloys like Inconel - all in a safe, fast, and easy-to-use platform. And, its industrial composite platform can print in continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and more, creating functional parts that rival aluminum in terms of strength and stiffness, but at a fraction of the weight.

"Markforged stands out as a leading innovator in additive manufacturing," said Clayton Williams, Technical Staff, Field Technologies at IQT. "We're excited to begin this partnership with them to further our mission to support our government partners."

Markforged has a strong history of technology leadership in the government and defense sectors, as branches of the U.S. military have hundreds of machines in operation today. The company implemented the first forward-deployed metal system to support combat operations and now has expanded its support operations to three continents. The U.S. military around the world is using metal and carbon fiber 3D printers for a wide variety of use cases, such as machinery repair, tool creation, and field operations.

"We're excited to expand the reach of our solutions with IQT and continue to push the bounds of what's possible in additive manufacturing," said Greg Mark, CEO and founder of Markforged. "Markforged makes it easy to build anything you can imagine, and that capability will empower the people in the Intelligence Community to fulfill their mission anywhere in the world."

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About Markforged

Markforged transforms manufacturing with 3D metal and carbon fiber printers capable of producing parts tough enough for the factory floor. Engineers, designers, and manufacturing professionals all over the world rely on Markforged metal and composite printers for tooling, fixtures, functional prototyping, and high-value end-use production. Founded in 2013 and based in Watertown, MA, Markforged has about 300 employees globally, with $137 million in both strategic and venture capital. Markforged was recently recognized by Forbes in the Next Billion-Dollar Startups list and listed as the #2 fastest-growing hardware company in the US in the 2019 Deloitte Fast 500. To learn more about Markforged, please visit:


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