Why Markforged

Our vision for the future of manufacturing

Breakthrough 3D Printing for strength, performance, and accuracy

Markforged started with a vision:  Empower engineers to create strong-as-metal, finished parts using the right materials for the job - and remove the multiple barriers between design and a final product.  We are overturning not only the 3D printing industry but also many traditional manufacturing methods giving our customers unprecedented cost, time and efficiency savings.

Markforged launched the first and only affordable 3D desktop printer that embeds continuous fiber into printed carbon and nylon for an end-use composite part with the strength of metal.  Our growing, global base of users enjoy these advantages:

Print end-use carbon reinforced parts

In lightweight continuous Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and (High Temp) Fiberglass with remarkable strength and dimensional stability.

The finished, sleek look and feel of Onyx

The only professional-grade, widely acclaimed Chopped Carbon Fiber (CCF) for standalone or fiber-reinforced parts.

Effortless browser-based software

That empowers engineers to go from design to producing a final part with continuous fiber, slicing and storing in the cloud and more.

Award-winning industrial design

Of our desktop machines at affordable prices for deployment to every engineering lab.

Where we've come from, 
and where we're going

Our Team

Our Founder Greg Mark -  MIT aerospace engineer and innovator in motorsports racing technology - started Markforged in 2013 after experiencing up-close the inefficient process of prototyping and creating advanced parts.

Based in Cambridge, MA, our team of talented engineers, designers and industry veterans live our mission of delighting customers with a dedicated focus on engineering, design, quality of parts, and software innovation.  Simply creating the first 3D printer to enable continuous fiber has not been enough however: Whether it's our SaaS-based software, materials, or printer sensors and components - we continually push the boundaries of what 3D printing can do to make our customers more efficient, and better innovators themselves.

Don't just take our word for it - request a sample part, a demo or try out our software and learn for yourself how you can use this technology.  Whether you're interested in a Markforged printer, would like to join our team or become a reseller, we'd love to have you join our growing community!

Our Investors

Markforged has attracted investment from top technology venture capital firms on both the East Coast and West Coast. Our investors include:

Matrix Partners


Northbridge Venture Partners


Trinity Ventures