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5 Reasons to Use Markforged’s 3D Printer Slicer Software, Eiger

A multi-axis milling machine uses CAM software to program toolpaths. In 3D printing, the software that controls the motion of extrusion path is called the slicer. The 3D printer slicer is the soul of the printer. Eiger is the simple-to-use Markforged 3D printer slicer software, and we’re going to explain why it’s so powerful in this post.

1. Powerful Slicer Software

Eiger allows users to slice their 3D object with the choice of material (metal or composite), scale, part orientation, etc. Eiger must be used to take advantage of the strength Continuous Fiber Fabrication (CFF) technology provides by manipulating the fiber routing location inside the parts.

Eiger software slicing a 3D object

2. Fleet Management

In addition to slicing your object and controlling continuous fiber routing, Eiger is also a powerful fleet management tool. When you buy a machine or hardware, it usually requires an additional computer to run the control and user interface software. Markforged’s 3D printing slicer software has taken a different approach. Instead of having a standalone computer for each piece of equipment, users can take advantage of Eiger’s cloud-based platform, which enables you to print both metal and carbon fiber parts directly from your browser. Along with easy access to slicing, all Markforged 3D printers are connected to Eiger, allowing users to log into their own account to manage the printing schedule, assign jobs, and see the part’s progress on one simple platform. You can also assign jobs to a specific printer anytime and from any location.

Status dashboard for connected 3D printers

3. Real-Time Updates

With Markforged’s 3D printing slicer software, users can see the real-time status of each printer from anywhere around the world. Similarly, users can also see the job history of each printer from the very same interface and pull data to create a dashboard that can feature information like the number of print jobs per week, printer bandwidth by user, and material usage per week. All of this data can be accessed remotely, so printers and administrators can be anywhere in the world.

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Eiger Library

4. Constantly Improving

Automatic updates keep Eiger software current every time you login. Markforged printers are connected to Eiger, and all the latest firmware updates are automatically pushed to printer over-the-air (OTA). When there is an update, you will get a notification, and the new firmware will be downloaded and uploaded to your printer immediately after you click “update now”. When Markforged releases new materials, Eiger updates automatically, making it possible to keep innovating with new materials.

5: It’s a taste of Industry 4.0.

The next generation of manufacturing is about getting smarter in production. IoT, Big Data and Cloud Technologies are the key elements of making manufacturing smarter. Markforged’s 3D printing slicing software utilizes all of these new technologies and integrates them into one.

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