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SQP Engineering

Tooling Rack

SQP Engineering is a Western Australian supplier of precision-machined products, primarily for the mining, oil and gas sectors. Established in 2006, SQP’s 10-person team’s extensive client list includes industry giants like BHP and Woodside. The company is proud to have been the first in WA to purchase a top-of-the-range FX20™ printer, and has since added two Markforged X7™ printers and a Metal X™ printer to expand its additive manufacturing (AM) production capacity.

Managing director, David Miller, a devotee of new technology, sees additive manufacturing as playing a major role in his company’s future growth.

In line with the company’s ISO 9001 certification, SQP keenly apply the Lean process throughout their workshop. David Miller explained that AM had come into play in this process via the in-house manufacture of a range of bespoke tool holding racks that provide every machine operator with direct and easy access to the tools required for his equipment. The precision design also ensures that each tool is fully protected from damage when not in use. The racks, printed in Onyx® on SQP’s FX20 printer, easily support the substantial weight of each tool set without distortion.

“We could have used metal shelves to provide the basic storage capacity we needed, but that would have exposed the stored tools to potential damage. AM has provided us with an all-encompassing solution,” said David Miller.

The precision design ensures that every tool is fully protected when not in use.” 
– David Miller, Managing Director, SQP Engineering

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