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APAC l Sample Part Request

Get your Complimentary 3D Printed Part

Are you looking to innovate faster and reduce supply chain issues by 3D printing everything from prototypes to end-use parts? We got you covered!

At Markforged we are on a mission to bring industrial manufacturing to the point of need. To help manufacturer reduce lead time we are offering a Complimentary 3D Printed Part*, for a limited time only, to encourage manufacturers to improve their production processes.

Our team of experienced engineers will review your current traditional manufacturing process or presently used applications, then advise you how to improve these by leveraging additive manufacturing, including the possibility of replacing metal components with continuous-fiber reinforced printed parts. Claim your Complimentary 3D Printed Part* by simply filling out the form. Our Engineers will be in touch!

*Only organizations with relevant use cases qualify for the Complimentary 3D Printed Part at the discretion of the Markforged Application Engineer. By subscribing to the campaign you agree for Markforged to use the part for marketing purposes. Offer valid in APAC.